Small Victories will be shutting down on September 1, 2021.

We started Small Victories because we believed in a smaller, weirder, more DIY internet and we still do. We also take our obligation to our users seriously and we realize that we can no longer support the product to the degree you deserve. SV has been a passion of ours since day one; sadly, though, bootstrapping a project like this is no longer feasible for us.

Thank you for your support,
The SV Team

P.S. If someone you know is interested in taking the project over, send us a mail!

How it works


You need a site. Let’s call it “Shapes.”

You have a bunch of things* you want to make into a website.

*images, text files, video/audio files, HTML, bookmarks — anything really!

Small Victory Created

Configure your site.

Connect your dropbox (do it now). Then pick a name and theme for your new site.


Check your Dropbox!

Small Victories creates a new folder in your Dropbox called Small Victories and in there you’ll see a folder for the site you just made.


Throw your things into the site folder…

Dropbox will automatically send these files to Small Victories.


…and you’ve created a site!

Open the site in your browser. You should try it on your phone too. Looks great right?


Now customize it.

It’s easy to make this new site your own by customizing it. Take a look at the docs for some guidance.


Let your friends collaborate.

If you want to have people contribute to your site, share the folder like you would any Dropbox folder.

Questions? Want to see what else it can do?

Check out the docs.


These will give you a good starting point for your site. Use them as is, customize them, or start from scratch if you’re up for it.

Small Victories Shapes

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