Our Pricing

Small Victories will always be free, but if you need more advanced features there’s a plan for you.

We started Small Victories because it’s something that we wanted to use ourselves.

As more people have discovered how useful it is, it’s grown and as a result so have the costs of running it.

Instead of looking for investment capital to fund this growth, we’ve decided to continue running SV independently by charging for some of the more advanced features (generally those geared towards using it commercially).

We have a +Plus plan which gives you these awesome extra features.

HTML Site Hosting

Drop any HTML/CSS/JS files into your Small Victories folder for quick and simple website hosting.

Custom Domains

Use a custom domain with any of your sites.

Password Protection

Add a password to any of your sites.

Remove the SV badge

Remove the Small Victories logo from the corner of your sites.

Site Export

Export the HTML of any of your sites. Makes local development, archiving, etc. easy.

+Plus Pricing



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But remember,
you can always use SV for FREE!

Basic Plan


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Media Temple








Small Victories


For some websites, a full-fledged CMS or server might still be right for you; that’s why we priced it to be cheap relative to these options. But for many websites, Small Victories will be quicker, easier, and cheaper.

Public Roadmap

In addition to the current features, we have a long wishlist of things we want to add or improve. By supporting Small Victories, you allow us to invest time in doing these things. For that reason, we think it’s nice to share what those are.

If you have any requests let us know.


Advanced themes


Purchase domains through your admin


Updates and improvements to current themes


New site themes


Download Presentations and Documents as PDFs


Document signing


Sync with more storage providers (GDrive, OneDrive etc.)

And lastly – Paying Supports Small Victories

We understand the hesitation that can come long with signing up for a service and not being sure how long it’ll be around for. By paying for Small Victories, you’re making sure that we can continue supporting it.

We work on Small Victories as a side-project in our design studio, and have never taken any outside investment to do so. We invest our own time (and you know what they say about time) in building Small Victories because we’ve found it to be an indispensible part of our workflow. Your support is invaluable.

Thank you,
Michael, Jake, Maria & Jacob