10 Themes to Get Started

These will give you a good starting point for your site. Use them as is, customize them, or start from scratch if you’re up for it.

Campaign Theme


Create a site with a fullscreen image, social links, and sign-up form for a Mailchimp mailing list.

Use for

product announcements, event invitations.

Document Theme


Create a single or multi-page site that displays the contents of text documents and even add images.

Use for

letters, resumè, notes, proposals, documentation.

Presentation Theme


Turn a bulleted list into a slideshow presentation. Include text, images, or video in your slides.

Use for

lectures, presentations.

Slideshow Theme


Add images to a folder and create a slideshow with carousel and grid views.

Use for

photo albums, moodboards.

Feed Theme


Drop any media type (images, videos, audio, HTML) into a folder and show them in a scrolling feed.

Use for

visual bookmarking, audio/video playlists, portfolios.

Homepage Theme


Make a simple landing page with description text and a list of links.

Use for

business or personal homepage.

Ecommerce Theme


Sell products online. Add photos, offer variants, collect shipping addresses, accept credit cards via Stripe.

Use for

physical products, digital downloads.

HTML Theme


Host any HTML/CSS/JS files. Like hosting but without the hassle and expense.

Use for

any website.

Blank Theme


Put any file type into a folder and display it automatically. Add your own styling, layout, and functionality using CSS/JS.

Use for

automatically publishing content with more control over appearance.

Blog Theme


Write in your favorite editor and publish online. Create drafts, customize appearance, collaborate, etc.

Use for

personal blog, editorial sites, company news.